Oops, Democrats Didn’t Know the Line was that Far Back

Steven Hale has another post about the TNDP and the shock Democratic leaders had upon learning just how few seats the Party thought they could hold. There’s a history here that explains why folks are nervous. The TNDP has, in the past, been happy to provide no support to Democrats they didn’t think had a shot at winning.

They claim things will be different this time, but I don’t blame folks for being nervous that they might be hearing that they’re on their own money-wise.


4 thoughts on “Oops, Democrats Didn’t Know the Line was that Far Back

  1. There tends to be some confusion about the numbers. The 24 line is really more just incumbent Democrats who will be running for re-election in 2012, due to retirements or the Republicans drawing two Democrats into one district.

    By no means is 24 the number of seats the TNDP thinks we’ll win in November, simply that this is the base from which we’ll need to build throughout the coming months.

    In terms of helping candidates. While large expenditures will obviously go towards targeted races, myself and other TNDP staff are working with all sorts of candidates, regardless of their “tier” to help them build the infrastructure needed to run a competitive race. A couple of weeks ago, we held a weekend long training program in areas such as fundraising, field, and new media to give them the tools they needed, and all of us at the headquarters are committed to helping these candidates as best we can.

    In short, the TNDP is doing a large amount to help any and all Democratic candidates in Tennessee. We will be happy to work with incumbents, the caucuses, and any other Democrats to expand our numbers in the Tennessee House and Senate in 2012 and beyond.

    Sean Braisted
    New Media Manager
    Tennessee Democratic Party

  2. Democrats should take heart that the party has demonstrated the good sense to hire Sean. A few more excellent decisions like that and the Democrats might be on the road back.

    Good decision Chairman Chip.

  3. It’s good that candidates are getting support but what policies are being promoted?

    It seems to be that it’s still more Republican Lite even though that has been an unmitigated disaster.
    The Dems let Bredesen do everything the GOP wanted: he ended TennCare (Standard) by tossing 200,000 of the “sickest and most needy” (his words) to the curb. Businesses were given huge welfare checks in return for temporary low-paying jobs–if that. Equal rights were abandoned because it was just a minority of queers whose lives were less worthy than trying to get back the bigoted voters. Plus workers were shafted with the reform of Workers Compensation.

    Meanwhile Scott County has an official unemployment rate of 18+% and most counties are still over 10%. We know the GOP doesn’t give a frak but

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