Scary Clowns

Hey all, I didn’t want this comment to get lost in the shuffle, combining as it does our favorite version of Captain Morgan and terrifying clowns:

nick reiner, on June 8, 2012 at 9:10 am said:

Josh Burrow is starring in All Dark Places, a thriller/horror film I wrote and directed. Josh is an amazing actor and was so great as an on set presence. He gives an amazing performance. It will be released June 26th. Available on and many on demand channels. for trailer and more info and pics. Thanks!

To that I’ll add that there have been some damn good horror movies that have made it to Nashville only to the thanks of On Demand. The Innkeepers, for instance, was one of the most nicely done films I’ve watched this year. And that never came to a theater here, that I saw.

So, I say thanks to directors for finding some way of bringing their movies to those of us who would otherwise never get to see them. And shoot, anyone smart enough to search the web for his most famous actor’s most famous role and comment on the blog of someone who is getting a huge kick out of him in that role deserves a little extra publicity.

I’ll give Comcast my money for this, for sure.


The Chapel Hill Light

S. has the most intriguing theory for the Chapel Hill Light, one which I thought we, as a group of semi-nerdy, semi-scientific types, could weigh in on. S.’s theory is that the Chapel Hill Light is a real, physical phenomenon that occurs along the train tracks with a ghostly legend attached, not an actual ghost. So, her question then was–what kind of physical phenomenon could cause someone to see a light?

Her theory is that it may be some kind of infrasonic noise, that something sets the tracks to vibrating at just the right sequence and it causes people near the tracks to mildly hallucinate. We wondered if there might be another set of tracks crossing the “haunted” tracks and if the passing of a train across the “haunted” tracks even five miles away or something could set the “haunted” tracks vibrating in a way that effects humans.

I don’t see any cross-tracks on the map, though, but the “haunted” tracks do cross the Duck river south of town. If one of the trestles for the bridge had a little too much give to it, could the rushing of the water set the tracks to vibrating?

As a second theory, I will note that the autokinetic effect is also real–stationary lights look like they’re moving in the dark. Any crossing you stand at in Chapel Hill looking either direction will have you looking toward where someone lives.  All it takes is one porch light.

Still, I prefer the theory that the tracks are causing a generations’ old hallucination.

I May Be True Blooded Out

For years I have semi-live-blogged True Blood and enjoyed it. But I have to tell you, I’m not that excited for the new season. I don’t want even more characters I can’t keep straight. I don’t want to see the interesting characters killed off or the characters that should have been interesting not-quite-killed off. I don’t want to see Eric after whatever the fuck that was last season. And I don’t want to see Pam kissing his butt to get back in his good graces.

I would like to see Christopher Meloni naked or semi-naked on HBO again, but in general, I just don’t care.