My parents are coming through again at the tail-end of their grandson-retrieving mission. I doubt I’ll get another rocking chair out of it, but you never know. The tomorrow, I have an appointment to get into Rose Hill/the Baxter House, the results of which I shall post here. To say that I’m excited would be a bit of an understatement.

I am totally bummed that I don’t know more about architecture, bummed that I don’t know even what, exactly, to look for, bummed that I don’t have massive archaeology skills. But excited that, even with all my not being right for the opportunity, I am still going for it.

Writing a fictionalized version of them, I’ve come to like Colonel and Mrs. Baxter. I’m curious to see where they lived.

But if any of you historians have suggestions. I’m going to pay close attention to room arrangement and fireplaces. I’m going to see if there’s anything to be seen where the old house and the new house intersect. I’m going to try to see if there are any interior clues regarding the layout of Rose Hill. I may call out “Bonjour, General LaFayette!” to see if his ghost answers.

It is going to be awesome. I hope. I’m nervous a little bit.