Allenwood: I Still Think I’m Right, Maybe

The dog and I had a day full of not being able to find the Allens. Not out in the country and not really in the city cemetery. I found some Allens in the Gallatin City Cemetery, just not the ones I was looking for.

So, let us recap the clues we have about the location of Allenwood–“The old homestead of the Allens is situated on the Cumberland river three miles south of Gallatin.”–A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans (note that this book was published in 1913 and seems to indicate that the house was still standing at that time.) “Representative Houston became an occassional guest of Colonel John Allen’s plantation home in a bend in the Cumberland three miles south of Gallatin.”–The Raven.

We also know from a search of Google books that the main Gallatin port was out at the end of Woods’ Ferry and that the other two families living “three miles south of Gallatin” were the Chapmans and the Andersons. We know where the Chapmans were because one of them is still there. The Andersons are a harder call, but judging by this map from1878, they were further south. I still think that leaves the land between Lock 4 and 109 as the most likely location for the Allens’ home.

But still, I am stunned by this location’s ability to fall off the map. So to speak.

I’ll have to get back up to Gallatin and do a better job of tromping around the graveyard.