My Final Thoughts on Sam Houston

I don’t know why the marriage didn’t work, but I learned two things yesterday. One is that the Allens up in Gallatin were well-married into the Trousdale family. The other is that Ben’s grandpa, Robert (John’s brother, Eliza’s uncle) was a U.S. Representative. Oh, and the third is that two of Eliza’s brothers got on the boat Houston was trying to sneak out of town on and tried to force him to come back and fix their sister’s reputation. This is when he said he’d kill anyone he heard speaking poorly of the girl.

This means that anyone who claims that the Allens married off Eliza to Sam as a way of improving the Allens’ political lot just hasn’t looked closely at the issue. The Allens were already extraordinarily well-connected. If anything, they were doing Houston a favor by letting him marry into their family, thus gaining their political connections. This may be why they didn’t force Eliza to go back to him when she ran home. If they thought they were doing him a favor, you can see why they’d be pissed that he did something to cause her to flee.

I think you can also understand why he’d then think that he fucked up his political career so bad that he needed to resign.

I think historians who ascribe most of the power to Houston in this situation–and not the Allens–are forgetting that he wasn’t yet the guy who went to Texas.



–My post about Rose Hill is up at Pith.

–The blackberries on our walk are ripening very slowly, but it is a treat to find a big ripe one and eat it.

–My cousin A. is coming on Thursday and the house looks like two people spent the weekend playing video games or not being home. I am a little stressed.

–I dreamed about the story I’m writing for October.

–Also, for some reason, the orange cat and Mrs. W. insist on sleeping with me and it’s just hot as fuck.