Poor Pepper

I wrote about how amusing Julia Hurley thinks it is to let someone terrify her dog. Southern Beale wrote about it, too. Honestly, there are days when I am just caught short.

See, here’s the thing. I don’t think everyone has to be a good person. For all I care, you can be a kind of fucked up, terrible person and, as long as you’re not actively seeking out people to hurt, well, then, live and let live. So, you know, Julia Hurley could just say “Well, I’m kind of a terrible person, but I pass the bills my constituents want me to pass, so fuck y’all” and I would not like her, but she would not trouble me.

What troubles me is that she seems to honestly believe that she’s a good person. That a good person can take pleasure in the terror she lets some other person inflict on her dog. That a good person defaces public property and then gets all sullen and pouty when called on it. That a good person takes her dog where ever she damn well pleases, rules are for suckers. That a good person speeds and then, when caught, abuses the officer who catches her.

I’m not saying that these aren’t very human things to do. But it seems to me that they’re obviously things someone who’s not actually trying to be a good person does. And fine, like I said, there’s no requirement that you have to be a good person.

But the disconnect… the idea that you could do these things. That you can blithely abuse others and laugh when others abuse the things dependent on you for protection and still think that you are a good person?

That flabbergasts and frightens me.


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  1. Julia Hurley has pampered princess syndrome. I swear, she’s like the evil prom queen who finally gets her come-uppance at the end of the movie at the hands of the wallflower she mistreated all through high school. Nothing is ever her fault! If she can’t take her dog with her into the courthouse a la Paris Hilton, then she’ll say it’s a “service animal.” Clocked going nearly 30 mph over the speed limit in Mom’s BMW? NOT HER FAULT and no she will NOT sign that citation!

    This chick is the epitome of the spoiled brat. How she ever got into the state House I have no fucking clue. The very LAST thing we need in politics is another spoiled princess who thinks the world owes her something.

  2. BTW if you saw the video of the “dog surfing” incident (it’s at Humphrey’s place, I couldn’t figure out how to embed it though), you can hear Hurley instructing — almost badgering — the guy on how to hold the dog out the window. This wasn’t someone torturing her dog against her will, she was instructing someone else to do it.

    She is a horrible horrible person.

  3. Her political career is a little like watching a very cute 14 year old navigate the world. It’s like she’s so used to being indulged that she doesn’t even see that she’s not playing by the same rules as everyone else.

    I feel a hair bad for her in that regard because the world can be a very cruel place to a woman who’s no longer cute and never had to develop the brains to get by in it.

  4. WordPress ate my comment the first time, but I said that I don’t disagree with anything you said, but I wonder if there are many (any) people who don’t think they are a good person. Maybe it’s coming from the gay perspective, having heard so much of the “I hate you out of love” rhetoric, but it seems to me that people will justify just about anything they do, even if it only makes sense to them, in such a way that they still see themselves as good people.

    Both Julia and Mitt both tell us they put their dogs on the outside of moving vehicle because the dog “liked” it. Whether the dog liked it or not (I find it doubtful that it did in either situation), putting your dog in danger merely for your own convenience or (even worse) amusement might be considered wrong to most rational people, but it’s interesting how the desire to see oneself in a positive light can cloud one’s view of reality.

  5. Dolphin, I have been wondering about that–whether people ever see themselves honestly or if they always misjudge themselves. It’s weird. I have the opposite problem with my mom, who is literally one of the sweetest, best people I know (which is not to say that she doesn’t have her faults). If you meet her, you would have to be mean to her for like three years before she would notice and think poorly of you because of it.

    And still, when she’s says something like “Oh, so and so was arrested for child molestation. But I shouldn’t judge. We all do evil things.” I just want to shake her. There is no world in which my mom is as bad as a child molester. All sins are not equal.

    You know what I wonder. I wonder if people think that bad people have some little voice inside them telling them what they’re doing is wrong–like to be a bad person means acting contrary to what you know is right. So, if they never hear a little voice telling them they’re doing something wrong, they think they’re doing something right.

    It never occurs to them that they might not have a conscience.

  6. Oh, I fucking saw Frank on the side and I clicked through because I am a dumbass. But no, in general, no. But like a smoker “quits” before she truly quits.

  7. Dolphin, I think there are plenty of people who can tell you that they have faults, even large faults, and are working to correct them. (And often, over time, they do correct them.) They would say that the effort they put in to change is evidence of their fundamental not-badness. And, IMO, they are not-bad in a way that people who say there’s nothing wrong with anything they do, but have those same faults, are not. Whether that not-badness is the same as goodness, I’m not sure.

  8. Oh yeah, I definitely agree with that nm. I think that most people will admit that they have faults, and most people are trying to improve those faults they recognize. I know I’ve got quite my own share, and some of them I’m getting better at. Others, not so much. And even other are getting worse and I’m trying to put extra effort into reigning them in.

    I was more speaking to the cognitive hoops people will often jump through to convince themselves that their objectively bad behavior isn’t really that bad. And I actually do think that too is something we’re all guilty of to a certain degree. Some more than others. Some much, much more than others.

  9. As someone at KnoxNews noted, Hurley’s the Paris Hilton of Tennessee. I can’t wait until South Park dedicates an episode to her.

  10. If Hurley was driving and taking the video, she should be arrested for reckless driving.

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