I was getting a little nervous about how closely the October project hews to “The Shunned House.” I mean, it’s supposed to. The whole point is “What would it take to move this story from then, there to here, now?” So, I want it to be recognizable as “The Shunned House,” but obviously, I don’t want to get my ass sued off.

But Lovecraft’s works are in the public domain as far as anyone can tell. There’s no evidence that anyone renewed the copyright when they should have. So, that’s unfortunate for the estate, but good for me.


2 thoughts on “Rights

  1. A lot of his stuff is available on Project Guttenberg so they’re pretty satisfied there’s no copyright. I got Shunned House on my Kindle just before you started your project. I think they have a web version so you can probalby link to it if it makes you feel better.

  2. Oh, that makes me feel a lot better. Good. I hadn’t thought to check there.

    And good because I do hope people go read the original, too, which I love.

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