Things Elsewhere, Elsewhere Things

1. I interviewed Alex Bledsoe, whose books I was all snootily like “Oh my god, pirates, vampires, and fairies. Ugh.” and then ended up eating the tastiest crow as I read the books. Literally some of the most fun reading I’ve done in a while coupled with some interesting mulling overs of what it means to be a Tennessean (well, except for the pirate books). And the interview is great! I asked him some of the questions I’ve been mulling over here–what happened to vampires? Where’s the Southern The Haunting of Hill House?  I’m happy with this one.

2. Here’s the official release announcement for The Book of Apex: Volume 3 of Apex Magazine. Note that “Frank” is third! I don’t think that has any meaning in real life, but three seems like an auspicious number so I’m going to brag about it anyway.