Is There a Less Happy Version of Serendipity?

Oh, people, I was all excited because I am writing about Sumner County werewolves and I just read that there’s a country group called Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves from Sumner County just about to release their first single!

I was all “I shall go to their website and learn about them! Perhaps make them the unofficial band of my story.” But their website! It’s not just that it’s kind of got a strange aesthetic. It’s that I can’t get the bio page to work in either IE or Firefox. I feel like we should form an angry pitchfork-wielding mob and chase their designer through the streets. There could be important info, but I can’t read it.

Plus, ugh, their single.

In the future, I pledge a dollar to every country music band/artist who invokes the Outlaw movement and who takes from it something other than a general “If the South Woulda Won, We’d Have Had It Made” vibe. I’m not saying that you can’t ever make reference to a “rebel yell” or that it makes you a bad person. But I’m done giving my money to people for whom appealing to racist jackasses is important.

You can have the racist jackass demographic, but then you can’t have my money.

Also, get off my lawn.


4 thoughts on “Is There a Less Happy Version of Serendipity?

  1. Hi I’m Angel Mary and to clarify this comment Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves are not racist we believe you should treat your neighbor as yourself like the bible says…and that all man are created equal …get your head out of your ass before you write something like this online.

  2. Nice try. But I didn’t accuse you of being racist. I accused you of trying, for some inexplicable reason, to appeal to racists.

    Or do you have other theories about who all would be saying “hell yes, she means me!” when you sing about a guy who gives a rebel yell?

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