What Can Be Saved?

I’m not sure I have enough hose to reach all the things in my yard that so desperately need to be watered. The ground is like old concrete, firm under your feet, but prone to crumbling. The grass has all turned a yellowish green that suggests it still could spring back to life, but maybe not.

Every once in a while, you hear people talking about ways of combating hurricanes, like if they could just seed them with something or do something as they formed to dissipate them, and I think, well, then how will we get rain? It seems like a kind of trade-off we’d make, though. We want to spare this region this much damage and this much loss which takes place in really dramatic ways without a thought for what it could do to the neighboring region which will have that much damage and that much loss but slower, more gradually, so you can almost pretend you don’t notice it.

I think I’m going to focus on the trees and roses. Everything else can be redone in the spring. Assuming we have springs any more. I guess everything else could be replanted as cactus gardens if we’re determined to be a desert.