I Continue to Ruin Rap for Young People Everywhere!

There are many subtle joys to being in your late 30s and uncool. The best of which is that you can be sitting in your office listening to that Hugo version of 99 Problems when the Jimmy John’s delivery kid comes in and he’s not really paying any attention to what you’re listening to because, by god, it has banjos.

And then, just as there’s a lull in the chit-chat, Hugo is all “aaannnndddd a bitch ain’t one.”

And the kid’s eyes go wide, like, “NOOOO! An old person likes that song!”

Victory is mine, folks, victory.


3 thoughts on “I Continue to Ruin Rap for Young People Everywhere!

  1. Huh. I’m a big fan of covers. And banjos. But for some reason this cover really rubs me the wrong way. It feels like it lacks a certain self-awareness and that makes it much more misogynistic than the original song. Hmm, on a second time through, though, I wonder if I would feel differently if I had just heard the song and not seen the video.

  2. No, you’re right. It’s probably not even more misogynistic than Jay-Z’s. It’s definitely been a while since I heard either.

    Now I’m listening to all of them and I confess to have bizarre blinders concerning Ice-T and giving him a pass I wouldn’t give to anyone else. And indeed, Jay-Z is singing about how he has problems, but none of them are girl related, at all. Ice is singing about how girls aren’t his problem because he has all the girls and loves them all and they love him (it’s his language and descriptors and the fact that it’s more, presumably, about pimpin’ than lovin’ that’s problematic). But the Hugo cover comes across to me as being sort of smug and nasty and I can’t tell if it’s directed at the bitches or the other men.

    ANNNNNND I am seriously procrastinating on an onerous work task, which is why I’m sitting here, repeatedly listening to all of these, and thinking and talking about it.

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