Adventures at the TSLA: Sexy, Sexy Times

It was good fun to watch Provine struggle as much with Elizabeth’s and Timothy’s lovelives as I do. He started out believing that Elizabeth’s maiden name is unknown and that her first husband was someone Hensler with whom she had two children–William and Charles. Then he thinks she has two children with Amos Bennett–Polly Bennett and Timothy Bennett. Then he thinks she has a child with Someone Crutcher, and this child is John. Then comes Timothy with William and Jean Baptist. She has no kids with Joseph Durat and a “bastard daughter” named Delilah with John Cagle.

But then it’s obvious that Provine starts to see what I see. And that is that Elizabeth is not fucking having a bastard daughter named anything with anyone when she’s pushing sixty. It’s just not happening. Plus you don’t name two living kids William (and there’s evidence that William Hensler lived because he bought property from Joseph Durard). So, then he changes his mind and decides that William and Charles are probably Elizabeth’s brothers. I concur.

He lists her children as William, Polly, Jean Baptiste–all Demonbreuns–and Phillip Thomas, who is probably a Bennett. I think this is right. I suspect she was shacking up with Amos Bennett–if not married to him–and so at first passed Demonbreun’s kids off as Bennett’s.

But that’s not the juiciest part. No. So there I am reading along “Timothy DeMunbreun lived with three women as “common-law wives”–His legitimate wife was Agnes Gibeau, the other women were: 1. Eliabeth Bennett.” Then there’s a paragraph about her and it says “Elizabeth Bennett-Himsler-Demumbriun was with Joseph Durat–who died in Blue Spring Creek in Cheatham.” Let us have a moment for our friend Joe. But then who were the other two Tim was dogging around with? I go to the next microfilm page and…NOTHING. It’s a totally different subject.

I ask them to go get the actual paper file and find the second page is not in order but it’s there.

“Timothy Demonbreun lived with a woman by the name of Crutcher, by whom he had no children (Isn’t it curious that Provine at first thought that Elizabeth was married to a Crutcher?)

“Timothy Demonbreun also lived with Martha (Patsy) Gray (who was an aunt of William Bennet) by whom he had two children–a boy and a girl. They were quite small when Bennett visited there & does not know what becaome of them, he think this woman was from Georgia.”

So, everyone? Timothy Demonbreun was just sleeping with everyone? Even though he was well-known for having spindly legs? And he traveled all the time! Who knows what his poor wife found when she got back to Kaskaskia–probably three common-law wives there. All throughout the land, there was just an epidemic of spindly-legged children.