Morbid Thoughts

The October piece is done, revised, and in the queue here. Which means that, even if something–gods forbid–happens to me between now and October, a creepy story will still roll out.

I think it’s a hoot. I’m especially tickled by how much just moving the story changes it. I moved it twice, in time and in place. But even keeping with the stuffy, erudite, kind of stilted narrator using often many of the same words the story still changed by virtue of it being moved. Probably I’m the only person who’s going to find that fascinating, but I do–how much context matters.

Like I said earlier, I hope that it does feel like an homage or a… ugh… is this when you use that word ‘pastiche’? I just don’t want people to think that I’m ripping off or stealing from Lovecraft without credit. Ha, I mean, I guess I am stealing with credit, but I just don’t want anyone to feel snookered.

I have originality hang-ups I guess.

Still, I think it’s good fun and I’m excited for you guys to see it.