Watering to Save Things

Here’s what’s getting regular water: hydrangeas, roses, new nandina, the big flower bed, the new hazelnut tree, and the willow. I still think I’m going to lose one of the hydrangeas and possibly the willow.

It’s kind of depressing. The first few minutes the sprinkler was on the willow, it just knocked off a bunch of dead leaves.

If this is the future, I should have planted different things in my yard.

2 thoughts on “Watering to Save Things

  1. I’m desperately trying to save my redbud, and that’s a native tree. Don’t get me started on my herbs.

  2. Your hydrangeas might do better than you thought. I watered one of mine for the first time today (it was sorta out of reach and I forgot about it), it looked so pitiful but it perked right up. Let me say: Soaker hoses. That’s what will save them. I do use sprinklers tho, to cool off the leaves. But soaker hoses.

    I think one of my viburnum is FUBAR’d tho.

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