5 thoughts on “I am Afflicted with History Nerd-ism

  1. Did you see the comments? I swear to god, I want to frame them. They’re just quintessentially everything I love/loathe about Pith comments. Shame on me for talking about unpleasant things. How dare i not also talk about the scandals of black people? My partisan jokes are inappropriate. And how dare I, as a Yankee, tell Nashville its history.

    Christ. You’d think one carpet-bagging Illinoisan could talk about the sexy-sexy ways of another carpet-bagging Illinoisan without controversy, but I GUESS NOT.

  2. It’s just shy of classic. I think you need a scolding for “writing while female” and a drive-by non sequitur before you get to yell Bingo.

  3. Since you’re a history nerd, would love to read your take on William Walker, the “grey-eyed man of destiny.” Tennessee’s most fascinating historical figure, IMHO. They made a movie about his life starring Ed Harris, we ordered it from Netflix, unfortunately it sucked. Someone really needs to do this character’s story justice. Maybe a Broadway musical, a la “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.”

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