Pleasant Discovery

I have half an eye on a short-story collection. I’m not seriously thinking about it yet, but just leaving it dangling out there in the distance. In my head, it’s called Witches & Devils and it’s filled with stories about, yes, witches and/or Devils.

I could put “Bone,” “Frank,” “Sarah Clark,” “Allendale,” and “The Witch’s Friend” in there right away. And I was thinking of grabbing a couple of pieces from Flock that could be reworked into stand-alone stories, so I was rereading those parts last night and I decided two things. 1. No. I like them where they are in the story and I don’t want to pull them out. 2. I really like Flock. I still think it’s good. Weird, but good.

I was away from it for so long that I thought I’d open it up and be like “Oh, this is why no one wants it.” But no, I like it. I still like it.

If it has any problem, it’s that it’s a book about Christianity that isn’t a Christian book. I think that may be the problem. I feel like it stars the folkloric Devil and, as such, is straight-up fantasy. But maybe it seems too much like a religious book? I don’t know.

But I was glad to find that I still liked it.

One thought on “Pleasant Discovery

  1. It’s mean to wave good reading in the face of people who can’t get a copy. You’re such a tease…

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