It’s hot. I don’t want to do anything outside. The dog is irritating me. But the dog does want to go outside. She just wants it to be cooler out than it is. Which irritates me.

I should be entering corrections, but I’m too busy being grouchy.

Also, I wonder if I’m at the age where I can just stop wearing a bra ever. Is that an age?


3 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. A few years ago when I started developing the lipomas I had to stop wearing a bra on all but the most civilised of occasions. Wearing a bra literally makes me nauseated, because of the places where it presses against tumours that press against nerves.

    I have to be honest and say that the inability to wear a bra may just be my all time favourite side-effect of any of my issues ever. And that includes the weight loss.

  2. When you make the decision, I want to be there for the long-standing feminist ritual of the burning of all your bras (less one, just in case) in one of the Butcher’s fabulous bonfires.

  3. Oh, lord, that seems like it would have the potential to be too much like the pillow burning, where my first thought is something like “Why do I put something that flammable that close to me?!” And then “Why is the smoke that color?”

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