Governor Baby Talks Higher Ed

I’m dying to read the stories on Governor Baby’s Higher Ed summit because, from Twitter, it doesn’t look like he had anyone actually involved in higher ed at the summit. But what I’m really curious about, but can’t quite figure out how to find, is how much, in actual dollars we have spend per year for, say, the last decade, on higher ed in this state.

I have found a bunch of stories about cuts after cuts after cuts. I’d just like to see in actual numbers what that looks like.

But I do take a kind of perverse pleasure in watching a political party so uncomfortable with people learning things struggling with the realization that an uneducated populace isn’t going to be prepared to take all the jobs the politicians desperately want to attract.

I don’t know. Maybe it will end up that the bigwigs at all the state institutions were there, but man, Haslam never wants to go out and talk to the regular folks who might have insight, does he?