So Many Fleas, So Very Many Fleas

I gave the dog a bath today and it was… horrible. She is beyond flea-riddled. It would be more accurate to say that the fleas in my house have a pet dog. I shampooed her twice and there were still fleas on the towel when I dried her.

I went up to Tractor Supply to get some Advantage, because I’m convinced that Frontline, while it keeps her fleas from being this bad, still doesn’t keep her flea-free. But they didn’t have any. And the vet is closed. But there’s a generic Frontline now, so we’re going to try that as soon as I’m done complaining about her fleas on the internet.

Never, never have I seen anything like this. She’s had fleas before, sure. We live out in a semi-rural area and she spends a lot of time outside.

But this is like a horror movie.

But, hey, there’s nothing like seeing a hundred fleas in your bathtub to motivate you to clean it right that very second, so all I have left to do this afternoon is the dishes. And be grossed out.

So, you know, big plans here.


I’m fretting because I have a lot to do today before my parents get here. I’m fretting because I have to get up and be on the road by 4:30 tomorrow. I’m fretting because the person reads all my stuff is studying for the bar, so I don’t have her to read my Whitman-loving demon story which causes me anxiety. I’m fretting over whether it’s as good as I think it is. I’m fretting over why the Frontline on the dog has stopped working. I’m just a fretting fool.

I have to go get some shit done.

Here’s to hoping I’m up to most interesting stuff later.