Well, No One Died

So, we were sitting in the living room last night and there was this big “pop” and the Butcher shouted “Look at that crack!” because there was now a big crack in the ceiling. And my mom said, “We need to get out of this room right now.”

And for some reason, even though we usually don’t, we listened to her. All except Mrs. Wigglebottom who stood there in the middle of the room.

Then the whole ceiling came down in a huge cloud of insulation. And I stood there like “What the fuck?” And then the cloud cleared and there was Mrs. Wigglebottom staring at me like “What the fuck?”

I have no idea how she wasn’t killed.

I have no idea why the ceiling collapsed.

But I did learn these fun facts.

–If the insurance adjuster can’t find a reason, they won’t cover it.

–The insurance adjuster will contact us in the next 24 to 48 hours.

–Which means we have to live with my ceiling in my living room for at least that long.

I kind of want to cry and I kind of also can’t wrap my brain around it. If insurance won’t cover it, we have no money to fix it. So, that’s not good. But again, I kind of know that in the front of my brain, but it hasn’t really sunk in yet.

Here’s what it looks like.

Everyone is fine. Somehow. So, that’s what counts.