Bwah ha ha ha ha

You know who’s shit out of luck? The guy who admits to serving alcohol to minors in a right to work state.

Here and then here.


5 thoughts on “Bwah ha ha ha ha

  1. If that’s the excuse they give for the firing, even I am gonna feel sorry for Smirnoff. What he attempted to do with that magazine was amazing; what he achieved, with increasingly limited resources, was better than respectable; but you do not crap all over your readers, writers, critics, and competitors as consistently as he did and expect your publisher not to start looking for ways to ease you out. Unless some shocking bit of malfeasance comes out, I gotta figure that it was the Guns and Gardens thing that really did him in.

  2. Please tell me that there is really something else behind this. I mean this is Oxford, Mississippi where people wear wristbands with ‘WWWFD’ {What Would William Faulkner Do}. And Bill Faulkner would pass the booze to interns, externs and upturns.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for him, nm. If you’re going to be a beast, you need to make sure there’s nothing you can be collared with. A man with lots of friends can make mistakes. A man with lots of enemies cannot.

    Not that I think this is the real reason he’s going down. I don’t know that we’ll ever hear the real reason he’s going down. But if you serve alcohol to minors, there’s no need for your boss to lock you out of the office before firing you.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I’d suppose it was something similar to why people in the past have been locked out of the OA offices before being told they’re fired. Or at least the suspicion of that.

    Mark, they haven’t been in Oxford for years.

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