Wild Women are the Only Kind That Really Get By

Insurance is not going to cover the ceiling collapse. I’d been warned that adjusters tend to be jerks. My adjuster was very nice and about as upset as I was that there was no way to finesse things so that it would be covered. I think the thing is that, seeing it in person, it’s hard not to feel like something terrible and inexplicable that deserves some kind of response happened. But he and I both looked through his book and there’s no loophole. Nothing that makes this the kind of collapse coverable.

I cried. After he left. Just sat in the other room and had a fucking pity party.

He said a few things that I’m trying to keep in mind.

1. It could have easily killed us. The system they used on the ceiling is incredibly heavy–a thin layer of drywall, concrete, and then a layer of drywall over that, all held by nails, smooth nails–all held together with weird wires. He estimated that every square foot weighed about 30 lbs. which would have been like having a bowling ball dropped on your head from eight feet up. So, you know, thank the gods that we were not under it.

2. We should wear masks when the insulation is stirred up.

3. We could do the drywall ourselves, but we need to get someone who knows what they’re doing in to check the ceilings in the rest of the house. He thinks going through and attaching the ceiling to the beams with drywall screws will fix the problem.

So, that’s that. I’m not sure how we’re going to do this. I’ve spent as much time this morning helping the Butcher and my mom process their feelings as I have having my own feelings, so, you can imagine how unfun that’s been. But I told the Butcher that we’re going to come up with a plan this evening. We’re going to figure out what we need, what kind of help we need, and then we’re going to ask for it–advice, help, recommendations, etc. And we’ll just keep doing it, whatever it is we can do, until its done. We’ll just make a list and work on down it.

So, that is the plan. I may need some stuff from some of y’all as this goes on. I don’t know what yet, but I promise I will keep everyone in the loop as I can. I will also be a slobbering mess, because that is my way. But I will be a slobbering mess who is determined to be able to cry on her couch by Sunday. One week is all I am going couchless.

Does that qualify me as a wild woman? Probably not. But god damn it, I am going to get by or die trying.


9 thoughts on “Wild Women are the Only Kind That Really Get By

  1. Wow. I hadn’t looked in on your blog in some time, and I moved back to TN a few months back and life has been so frantic with the relocation that I just never got around to it. Until now. As the sky is thundering on overhead about hail threatening to fall, the first thing I see is your ceiling fell in. I am so sorry.

    Reading on to see how it happened…

  2. My heart goes out to you. God, I get a leak in my ceiling and I freak out, can’t sleep, can’t eat, etc. If my living room ceiling collapsed I think I’d need major drugs. I admire how well you’re handling this.

    Did the adjustor say why it fell? Was it just the way it was constructed, age, or whatever? I can’t believe they won’t cover it. After that tiny little hailstorm in March, half the houses in Green Hills got new roofs. Did they need them? Doubtful. But they “qualified” and we were overrun with fly by night roofing contractors. It’s just amazing. Where there’s shit, there’s always flies.

    I’m remembering a blog post you did a couple years back, asking for help planting your garden. People came from far and wide to help dig flower beds and plant trees. You have an amazing network of friends and they will all come through for you again. Just you wait, there’s someone you know who’s got a cousin or brother in law who does drywall for a living. Or a coworker whose neighbor is an electrician. Magic happens when you least expect it, just you watch. It’s all going to work out, and you will find blessings in the most unexpected places. Believe it, count on it, take it to the bank.

    Let us know what you need and it will be provided.

  3. I really don’t understand how you can have insurance on a house, and then when part of that house breaks—a big part of the house—they can say that they won’t cover it. Isn’t that the point of insurance? This pisses me off, on behalf of you and everyone else that has homeowners’ insurance.

    Also, please do let us know if you need anything. I’ll be glad to donate whatever I can to help, be it time, supplies or money.

  4. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, scream. If you need to drink, drink. Don’t bottle up emotions… that’s how people end up losing their shit.

    When I went thru some recent drama/trauma I had a friend tell me “Beth, WE’RE going to get thru this” — now I tell you this: Betsy, WE are going to get thru this. And there are a lot of us in this WE. :-)

  5. I have no ceiling-making skills, but I can open beers or hand tools and supplies up a ladder or something. *hugs* This picture, I just…wow. Is that a wrecked wooden chair sticking out of the middle?

  6. Put up a donation button on the blog. I’m sure most of us could throw a couple bucks your way. We’re all going to be the person who needs help someday, and the person who wants to help. It all comes around.

  7. Wow, you guys were lucky that none of you got hurt.
    I have the same question as Megan, how can you have insurance on your house and a ceiling fall down and it not be covered? Oh yeah, because insurance companies are like banks, mostly evil. My husband was side-swiped on the highway one Christmas Eve with two of our kids in the car with him. There was even a witness who said the other guy sped up and pulled in too quickly while passing him in a non-passing lane. The adjustor basically said my husband and the witness (who we didn’t know) were lying and our claim was denied. I wish I didn’t have to send them money, but since you can’t drive without insurance, I have to suck it up and pay.

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