One of Nashville’s greatest charms, which is hard to explain without sounding corny and probably not that unusual, even though it has been in my life, is just how much people are willing to chip in and help.

I am overwhelmed at the people who have contacted me and offered to bring stuff or clean stuff or supply fresh beans to the workers or just come and hold open a bag.

These aren’t people I go to church with–since, obviously, I don’t go to church. They’re not people who owe me money or favors. They’re not people who think I’m so powerful that currying favor with me is going to get them something. And they’re not related to me.

They aren’t, in essence, people who feel obligated to help or think they’re going to get something out of helping.

And yet, here they come.

What kind of place is this where so many people are so very generous?

I’m feeling a little emotional about it, frankly.

5 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. I’ve always figured that friendship is earned, and in your case most certainly has been. (I don’t think of it as a Nashville thing, particularly. In my experience, people anywhere want to help their friends.)

  2. nm is completely right. Also I’ve learned that it’s during times of personal crisis that you find out just how loved you are by your friends. Which, yeah, is pretty humbling!

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