The Plan

I’m going to go get what I need to get started right…now. The Butcher has a shop vac and is getting one of those bag dumpster things. I’ll be at the house today and tomorrow if you’d like to stop by and help or keep me company or distract me.

I think our big push is going to be on Saturday. We need to get the debris out of the living room and then, obviously, we need to get the stuff that isn’t broken–whatever that might be–also out of the living room so that the drywall can go up.

We’re going to pay to have the drywall put up. Many people have said “Oh, I know how to do that” but the thing is that we need someone who can also secure the rest of the ceilings and it seems like it’d just be easier to say “Please handle the whole house.”

Also, as much as I love you guys, my ceiling tried to kill me. If it falls again, I want it to be the fault of a professional, not because regular people put my ceiling up.

If you’d like to help, and perhaps you have supplies left over from the flood, we’re going to need masks and gloves and rags for cleaning. I’m not sure what else. But that’s where I’m starting.

If you have any of that stuff and can drop it off, that’d be great. If you have any of that stuff and I can come get it, like I said, I’ll be around today and tomorrow, just let me know.