But on the other hand…

We live in a world where a man can acknowledging liquoring up interns, kissing them, and touching their feet (and taking pictures), and still he claims that’s not sexual harassment.

That’s pretty funny.


5 thoughts on “But on the other hand…

  1. Ya know I don’t like the guy, right? But what he has admitted is “touching” people’s feet. Which includes giving foot massages. Which, I dunno. If a foot massage is necessarily sexual in nature, I’ve gotten up to a lot more kinky stuff than I ever realized. On the other hand, I’ve never asked either an employer or anyone I supervised to give me one, or to let me give him/her one, so I agree that it’s … odd. Indicative of a lack of appropriate boundaries (which we know the guy suffers from). But, it seems to me, not necessarily sexual and not necessarily harassment.

  2. nm, I tend to just assume that if those are the things somebody is willing to casually, publicly admit, that the boundary issues are major and there is probably other, more problematic stuff being hidden. Plus, the whole “let me ply my underlings with booze and then touch/photograph their feet” thing just creeps me right the eff out.

  3. Smirnoff showed up here frothing at the mouth and insulting all the other commenters because B wrote about being disappointed in one issue of the magazine. So I think we already know that the boundary issues are real. And I think that the OA will be better served by a different editor — it’s next to impossible for any magazine to survive in this climate, and an editor who makes enemies does not help. It’s just that he’s never struck me as being that kind of creep.

  4. Yeah, but aren’t there two types of creeps like that? There’s the “Bwah ha ha, you can’t tell me no, because I am your boss!” guy and then there’s the “This power and position of authority gets me attention from people I’ve never had before! I revel in being cool.” guy. Now, often there’s some overlap between the two groups, but it would not surprise me, based on how much firing goes on at OA for such a small staff, if he comes across like he’s everyone’s buddy until he needs to be the boss and then he’s a weird tyrant.

    I think he doesn’t wield authority well. And I can imagine how the young people in the office would consider him harmless while the full-timers would be alarmed and feel like that kind of behavior constituted a hostile workplace.

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