Again on Luck

I still don’t know how to think of this month of July. Are the events of it bad luck–too hot weather, double paying the cable bill, the ceiling crashing down, the car tire? Or were they just neutral events that were likely to happen no matter what? If they are just neutral events, how can I see myself as anything other than fortunate that I have managed to escape them thus far with only minor inconvenience (and enormous stress)?

I can’t help but feel that something in July wants a taste of my broken heart, though. And the fact that I have bruised but not broken–yet, knock on wood–as I race for the end of the month does not dissuade it from reaching its spindly fingers after me.


My rear driver-side tire was low on air yesterday. The Butcher filled it up and we both fully expected it to be low again this morning. But it looks fine to me. But I don’t trust my judgment. But I am also almost completely out of money until the first of the month. I have enough to get my prescriptions and enough to get gas this weekend and that’s it. I really, really need the tire to have magically repaired itself. I also need to not double-pay my cable bill like an idiot ever again.

But what can you do? It’s a weird month. Double-paid cable bill? Sucks, but eh, it’s okay. Ceiling caved in? Well, no one died. And the air conditioning didn’t go out because of it. Lawn mower stopped working? Lawn mower mysteriously started working again. Tire mysteriously low on air? Tire now not losing air.

I had another drywall guy out to the house yesterday and he reiterated what Monday’s guy said–he would not try to screw the existing ceilings back into the joists. There’s too big a risk that you’d just be making a fault-line along which the ceilings would break. But he then also went through the house with me and pointed out that a.) the kitchen and the bathroom already have new ceilings. No need to worry about them AT ALL. b.) the dining room and the Butcher’s room’s ceilings look excellent. Flat and lovely. c.) the ceiling in my room has one small low spot, but it also has already had some repair work done to it. He showed me where. And he’s not very concerned about it coming down. So, d.) the only other ceiling we have to figure out how to deal with as soon as possible is the one in the den. But he gave me some advice on shoring that up in the meantime. (Not really to keep it from falling, but to keep it from hitting anyone when it does.)

So, we’ll see what his bid is. But even if I don’t go with them, I owe those dudes a real solid, because they gave me good advice and helped me see what to look for and kept me from making the costly mistake of trying to shore up the other ceilings.

Still, WTF, July?