She Liked It!

The Professor read the Sue Allen thing and liked it!

I have only given it to two people to read so far just because I’m so nervous that it’s too weird.

But she likes it.


Also, I was at Ugly Mugs this morning to meet with the other person I’ve boobed up enough to give it to and the guy behind the counter introduced me to the concept of the joy-to-calorie ratio. This lets you add whipped cream to your cafe mocha without guilt because it has a high joy-to-calorie ratio. But I also think it’s brilliant because it’s going to dissuade you from eating McDonald’s if it makes you feel like shit, because that has a low joy-to-calorie ratio.

It’s not HAES, people, but it works. Or not. I don’t know how to quantify joy.

But I’m feeling it today.