I Have Better Friends than I Deserve

Last week, K. called me up and said, “We’ve already planned this, so you can’t say ‘no.’ Just be gracious and agree to it.”

“Agree to what?” I asked, already sensing that this would be something that went against my every Midwestern instinct to just pretend that, if we just never mention something, it’s the same as it not being a problem. And then she told me and then I cried like a baby.

Some of you have been asking for a way to help with the expense of the ceiling and I was ignoring your requests because that’s the same as it not being a problem. See, everything’s fine! I don’t need to accept help!

But I am going instead to just be grateful. No pressure. Times are tough for everyone, so please don’t feel obliged. Honestly, that you read here every day is more than I can ask of anyone.

But here’s the information, if you want it. I will be reading the crap out of almost everything I have to read to people on the 18th. Please, feel welcome to come. I will probably be a snotty, weeping mess, but I will be a snotty, weeping mess happy to see you.