I Think Stephanie Meyer Needs to Start Suing

Another person has gotten a book deal from Twilight fanfic. In other words, they took characters Stephanie Meyer created, utilized information about those characters and scenarios she developed in her books, and expanded upon them. And then, when their derivative works got popular, they changed the names and maybe some slight details, and got book deals. With major publishers. Who should be willing to shit a brick and go after anyone who tried that with one of their author’s intellectual properties.

I think fanfic is wonderful. If you love my characters enough that you want to invent other adventures for them, great. As long as it’s free and as long as your debt to my work is clear, it seems like great free publicity.

But the second you’re making money passing off my characters and my plot points as your own? And getting paid for it? I’d be pissed.

Maybe Meyer has some kind of licensing arrangement with these guys and, if so, fine. Make her rich.

But if not, I think Meyer needs to sue–not just for her own benefit, but so there’s legal precedent about whether this is legal.

Things You May Enjoy

1. Zazel, who took off most of her clothes to be shot out of a cannon, which, frankly, is the only reason I take off most of my clothes anymore. Otherwise, it’s either all or nothing.

2. I hope this is true and I know one of you will be able to tell–are the old docks under there? Also, I think my favorite view of downtown is from that spot.

3. I got to use my knowledge of antique Spanish porn over at Pith. I am guessing Professor Reynolds never had the experience of going through his proper Methodist grandmother’s things after her death and finding postcards from all the titty bars she went to in New Orleans, but I refuse to accept that we’re so much dirtier than our grandparents were.

Good People

I promise, I’m not going to write about this a ton, because I know it would get tedious to read. But I am really, really grateful to you guys.

I have a ton of thank you notes to write, but as I was saying to S., I’m a little stressed because clearly they will have to go out via email and how will you guys really know how grateful I am if you don’t have to decipher my handwriting?

Today when Mrs. Wigglebottom and I were walking, I swear I heard a bobwhite. I don’t know what one has to do with the other, just that it made me feel lucky. And y’all make me feel very lucky as well.