Things You May Enjoy

1. Zazel, who took off most of her clothes to be shot out of a cannon, which, frankly, is the only reason I take off most of my clothes anymore. Otherwise, it’s either all or nothing.

2. I hope this is true and I know one of you will be able to tell–are the old docks under there? Also, I think my favorite view of downtown is from that spot.

3. I got to use my knowledge of antique Spanish porn over at Pith. I am guessing Professor Reynolds never had the experience of going through his proper Methodist grandmother’s things after her death and finding postcards from all the titty bars she went to in New Orleans, but I refuse to accept that we’re so much dirtier than our grandparents were.

2 thoughts on “Things You May Enjoy

  1. yeah, i find it hard to believe there’s anything much worth seeing under there, but that’s how it was described to me. I know that as of the late 50s there was a 2-3 story structure there, so I can’t imagine there’d be much left to look at after that was demolished, but who knows?

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