The thing I keep saying about this whole experience is that I don’t deserve it. And I feel like people hear that and think I’m somehow disparaging myself. I’m not trying to, though. I’m trying to get across something of the magnitude of gratitude that I feel about this strange and amazing thing y’all are doing for us.

It is just beyond what one person–any person, not just me–could expect or hope for or even wrap my head around. I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I wish I could know that I was giving you guys even 1/100th of how this feels.

It feels like a miracle.

I don’t know how to embed just the section I want, but if you fast forward this to an hour and twelve minutes into this movie, when he starts skipping, that’s me, people. That is me.


Which I guess makes you guys Jacob Marley. I hope that’s cool.

3 thoughts on “Deserves

  1. Forging this chain is getting kinda tiring. Can you send the turkey boy back to the market for a pail of bitter?

  2. If it’s any consolation, I typed Bob Marley, the first time, which I think still means you wear the chains you forged in life, but you also get to smoke a lot of dope. So, it’s not that bad.

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