The Election

I didn’t vote. My new registration card is in the dining room behind all the stuff from my living room and so I went to the polling place I had last time and it obviously wasn’t a polling place so I just went home. Sorry, America.

We lost our strongest advocates for women’s rights–Marrero and Richardson over in Memphis–so that really sucks. But, hey, we retained G.A. Hardaway, so someone is left to co-sponsor all of Campfield’s “Protecting you from lying bitchez” legislation. Oh, wait. That really sucks.

But at least we can take some joy in knowing that we mostly lost incumbent Democrats because of redistricting. Republicans lost incumbents because their base hates them.

And their base hates them even though, with the exception of guns in cars in other people’s parking lots, they did exactly what their base wants. Seriously, their base got 99.98% of what they wanted and they’re still so pissed that they voted incumbents out. I do not envy the Republicans who are left trying to figure out how, then, you appease the base. If winning on what rounds up to everything doesn’t do it, what will?

5 thoughts on “The Election

  1. So what about that fascist theocrat that won the Democratic nomination for US Senate? Will the party support him?

    I’t’d be nice if the Democrats tried to appease their base by supporting equality, working people and women but they’re too fraking terrified of the Republicans to do the right thing.

  2. I didn’t vote, either. I got home with about 20 minutes to spare, remembered that I had just gotten a letter a few weeks ago telling me I had been redistricted so I would now have to drive to another town instead of just half a mile down the road, and gave up. I know that’s bad. I promise I will vote in the general election. If I can find my damn polling place.

  3. Clayton is enormously depressing. I’m just disgusted with the state party right now. Would it have been impossible for them to do anything at all in this race? And now we’re stuck with this idiot.

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