Is This Irony?

You all may recall that my ceiling just fell unprovoked? Just one moment it was up there where ceilings live and the next moment it was checking out the floor, up close and personal?

Earthlings, is it ironic then, that the slight bit of demolition that was left took the majority of time they were here? That there was, at one point, a rather large man hanging by a crowbar from the ceiling and it still would not budge?

I don’t know if it’s real irony or just Alanis Morressette irony, but it was still just fucking unbelievable.

But finally, later than they’d anticipated due to unexpected difficulties with the demolition, the drywall is up. The mudding guy comes tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Is This Irony?

  1. Much like years of watching people fuck up affect and effect causes me to be uncertain if I’m using the right one, even though I used to be completely confident, years of Morressette have made me unsure of what is actually ironic. But it does feel like having 90% of your living room ceiling fall down and the other 10% almost impossible to budge is ironic.

    W. it does make me sleep a little better, but I’m still going to yank the rest of the ceilings as soon as I can afford it. Because, though it would not be fun to have drywall fall on my head, I just don’t worry that it would injure or kill me.

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