Thank You Note Morning

I’m hanging out on the couch in the dining room, listening to the various pops my house makes, writing thank-you notes and waiting on the drywall guys, who will be here this afternoon. It’d be nice if the dog would just hang out and be chill while they’re here, but I’m already imagining that I’m going to have to hang out outside with her so they can work.

From this angle, though, I can really see what went wrong with the ceiling and why we can’t just nail the other ones up. Imagine, if you will, that instead of hanging a ceiling, we were hanging slices of bread from my ceiling joists. Maybe like French break sliced longways. I don’t know. Clearly, this isn’t a particularly realistic metaphor. But we hang the slices of bread, nailing them into place. Then we put a heavy layer of peanut butter over the slices. Fine. No problem. But the bread starts to dry out. And now the weight of the peanut butter starts to become a problem. It’s pulling the dried out bread down, literally right off the nails.

And now you see the issue with attempting to nail the ceiling back into place. You can put nails into fresh bread and the bread will keep together. How many nails would you feel comfortable saying you could drive into a piece of stale bread without it crumbling?

Mmm, now I want fresh bread. Damn you, metaphors.

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