Feels Like Home

Apex always has good stuff, but this month’s story by Genevieve Valentine is something else. I read it first and just couldn’t go on yet to the rest of the stories. I don’t know if I have ever, ever read something so Midwestern. I used to scoff–and still do slightly–at the idea that there could be any such thing as Midwestern literature. But I think this story makes a convincing case for it. Valentine gets at something so fundamentally Midwestern that it hurts my chest. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s the way everyone is concerned but no one does anything, how taking care of something means protecting it from the wrong kinds of outsiders, but not necessarily taking care of it how it needs.

I just want to say whoa, whoa, whoa, until my heart stops racing.


One thought on “Feels Like Home


    Speaking of Midwestern literature…I’m not entirely sure if this is your cup of tea exactly. (I don’t know how much you go in for fantasy….) but I’ve started Lois McMaster Bujold’s _The Sharing Knife_ series (volume one: Beguilement) and by gum. It’s fantasy set in an analog to the Midwest of the 18th century. Not medieval Europe! Who knew it could be done?

    Bujold herself is from Ohio and very Midwestern in her technique and sensibilities. I love all of her work but this series just screams “Midwestern Literature” with all of it’s frankness, get-down-to-businessness, etc.

    Now I’m off to download this issue of Apex to Kindle.

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