Black-Eyed Susans

I lost my mind a little bit this morning and became convinced the ceiling in the den is going to fall this afternoon. Even as I knew it was irrational, I still had to move the stuff I couldn’t bear to lose out of there. So, hey, in good news, I can move a whole drum set while crying hysterically.

But, in better news, I dropped off some copies of A City of Ghosts at the new bookstore in East Nashville, called East Side Story. It’s so cute and cozy. And I hope ambitious Tomato-festers will take a picture of my books on the shelf.  And now I am going to show you a few pictures of my garden, which is flowering away after threatening to die in July.

I will award extra points to whomever can explain why the rose picture turned out how it did. Did my iPhone just flake?  I don’t know. The Black-Eyed Susans make me very happy.