Ryan? Really?

Your VP pick should be someone who compliments you and kind of fills in for your weaknesses. Ryan is charismatic, no doubt, so I get that. But it seems to me that Romney has two groups of people he’s failed to excite–the Republican everyday folks and undecideds. I’m not a campaign strategist, but I would think that, unless you’re afraid regular Republicans are so grossed out by Romney that they’re going to stay home, you’d pick a VP candidate that appeals to moderates.

I think the thing that strikes me is that Ryan is a great vice-presidential candidate for a strong presidential candidate. He could really be a good compliment for someone who plays better with the middle.

But who is enthusiastic about Romney? I’m not a Republican, but he seems to be almost everyone’s “Well, at least he’s not Obama” candidate.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Republicans, but I do feel bad for them that they’re running a guy whose main qualification is that he’s not they guy they hate. We went through our “Anybody but Bush” years and they were not pleasant.

And I think that the problem with Romney choosing Ryan is that it just reads like Romney is afraid his base won’t turn out. That’s not a good place to be in either.