Things You Have to Read to Believe

1. More on the guy who writes alternative history for conservative Christians, and the conservative Christians who are appalled. This is exactly what I mean by bearing false witness. This guy isn’t just lying. He’s passing off those lies in order to keep people paying him.

2. This is… oh lord… I hope it’s not true.

Tennessee Democratic Party leaders have been barricaded since their series of blunders were revealed Friday, asking that questions to chairman Chip Forrester be submitted in writing before determining whether to respond.

But I did laugh.


2 thoughts on “Things You Have to Read to Believe

  1. “I almost wish that there would be like a simultaneous telecast,” Huckabee said at a conference last year, “and all Americans will be forced, forced — at gunpoint, no less — to listen to every David Barton message. And I think our country will be better for it.”

    And that’s not an Internet rumor? WTF!!?!

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