Back To It

I’m read to get back to the office, even though the living room is still empty. Well, except for the TV. I don’t know why we didn’t bother to at least start to put the room back together yesterday, but we did not. Well, I know why. Because it caught up with us and we both fell asleep on the couch.

But I did mop the floor with Murphy Oil Soap and it smelled so good in here all day, like how I imagine a young Paul Newman smelled.

But I have no great thoughts on anything. All the fiction I try to write is people just trying to live through disasters, not proactively doing anything.

So, it’s time to get back into a routine.

Plus, I’m starting to feel a little down. Not for any reason. I think it’s just the sense of the days running together and having no order to them and the feeling like there can be no extra money spent, because we have to get these ceilings out. We just somehow have to come up with the money to do it.

NM told me that her sister told her to plan on spending about $500 a month in household disasters. And, you know, if someone had told me that when I bought the house, I would have laughed. There would have been so many months when that $500 never got spent that it would have started to seem like a joke. And yet, when I needed $5,000 to replace all the ceilings in my house?

I would have had it.

As it stands, I’m extremely fortunate to have y’all generously helping me with the living room and there’s some stuff we’re going to do without–like the rocking chair–or did ourselves–like paint and clean-up–so that we can put money immediately toward the den.

But anyway, no use crying over spilt milk. I have a week’s worth of email awaiting!