Flyover Feminism

I know a lot of us have been mulling over whether we’re aging out of online feminism, whether it’s just not for us because the presumed audience excludes people like us, or what, so I’m really interested in seeing where Flyover Feminism goes. I’m especially glad it’s going to be a space to talk about defeats and frustrations. Not because I like to complain (I do!) but because I have been thinking a lot about what you do (or might do) when you realize there’s probably not going to be a satisfactory political outcome to the things that matter to you.

There must be some way to go on and to continue to fight. I’d like to know what has worked for other people.

Anyway, I have a couple of things in mind to submit, as soon as I have time to formulate them.

One thought on “Flyover Feminism

  1. I’m glad to see this happening. I’ve been on a lot of forums, blogs, and online communities in the decade-and-half I’ve been online. Never have I felt more provincial and less sophisticated than I have in the feminist blogosphere.

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