Somebodies that I Used to Know

So, that Gotye guy makes a song that is, I know, stuck in your head just from reading the title of this post. And a bunch of people cover it on YouTube. And so he remixes their covers into this.

People, this brought tears to my eyes. I was telling the Butcher a few days ago that I really feel like we’re living through a great moment in music, like everything I thought the early 90s was going to be like–strange and cross-pollinating and aware of its roots, but striving for new shit–but so far no one has come along to tell me that I can stick this cookie up my yeah! So, thanks for staying quiet, Fred Durst.

And this seems to me to be the best of what the future might be like. I make something. You respond. I respond to your response. We all feel like something strange and wonderful just happened.

It’s really great.

One thought on “Somebodies that I Used to Know

  1. I’m by no means a music snob or anything like that but I do get annoyed at people who say that there is no good music being made in our time… these people are stuck in the past and the nostalgia for their teenage years.

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