Should You Bring Your Kids?

Some folks have asked me if Saturday’s event is going to be kid-friendly. And I’ve responded by saying that there’s some cussing and some sex, but it’s not graphic. I think kids will be more bored than scandalized. But I’m not a parent, so I feel kind of uncomfortable saying “Oh, it’s fine.” So, I thought I’d give y’all a head’s up so that you can make an informed decision on whether to bring your kids.

Here’s what I’m planning on reading and what it contains.

“Sarah Clark”–The Devil, gambling, murder, witchcraft, revenge, a child with yellow fever

“Bone”–a gal has to save her girlfriend from meddling assholes. It’s basically Cerridwen meets Odin and Loki.

“Frank”–a zombie henchman teaches a woman to drive. Some sex, some cussing. I think there’s an f-bomb, if I’m remembering right.

The first chapter of my Sue Allen project–racism, mild cussing, a guy is an asshole to his kid, frank descriptions of drug use (though it’s clear the kid is worse off for it)

The first part of the second chapter of the Sue Allen project–racism, ghosts. That’s about it.

Some stories from A City of Ghosts, which I haven’t picked out yet–probably some mild cussing. Likely the Devil. Obviously, ghosts and sadness and shit.

So, if your kids are interested in sex and cussing and ghosts and sadness and shit, bring them. If they’re likely to play quietly in a corner and not care, bring them. If you want to warp them, bring them. Otherwise, don’t.

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  1. What kids are NOT interested in cussing, sex, and ghosts? It’s been a few years for me, but I’ve got enough of a memory to remember that I was three for three re those topics!

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