Bleh Eric Stewart Bleh bleh bleh

The Eric Stewart thing has temporarily broken me. I spent last night answering phone calls and emails from folks who were just… worn out… I guess is the best way to put it. It’s stupid at this point, but a lot of us keep hoping that there will be some kind of Tennessee Democrat who is folksy and personable and who wants to put people back to work and who is willing to find some way to put the best interests of the people of Tennessee first, and who actually likes the people who vote Democratic.

But no, it’s always some guy who is really nice in person and who seems to have everything going for him who then decides “Oh, I bet I could get more votes if I just signal my conservative bona fides.” and out we go. Not real Tennesseans.

The only solace I can take is that the Democratic party is going to undergo an enormous change in the next four years. Because, right now, the TNDP knows next to nothing about what the Democratic politicians we have left need to keep getting elected. The caucus will force the change. And that will have ripple effects. I hope, anyway.

In the meantime, how do you make political space for yourself in a state where even the Democrats are quick to disavow you?

I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Bleh Eric Stewart Bleh bleh bleh

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  2. Hear you. I can think of 5 progressive women who surely would love your support–Rep. Sherry Jones running for House 59 in Nashville, Maria Brewer running for Senate 18 from Hendersonville, Gloria Johnson running for House 13 from Knoxville, Nancy Fischman running for House 7 from Johnson City, and Sarah Marie Smith running for House 40 from Carthage. These women will not be talking about the rights of the unborn, guns, etc. They are talking about education and jobs.

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