The Reading List is Set

Mrs. Wigglebottom slept through me reading aloud all afternoon. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign. But I wanted to time everything and make sure that I wasn’t going to go over my limit.

So, here’s what I’ve settled on:

“We are Our Own Ghosts”–a story about a woman and a house and a disaster

“Sarah Clark”–a woman, the Devil, and Big Harpe’s Head

“Dodge City”–a ghost story along Murfreesboro Road

“Frank”–a zombie henchman teaches a woman to drive stick

The first part of the 1860 chapter of Remind Me of the Dreaming Dead. Basically, just Jack Macon’s funeral procession.

“The Devil Lives on Lewis Street, I Swear”–If my stories all take place in the same space, then the Devil spent much of the late 1700s falling tragically in love. Here’s the story of another woman and the Devil.

It did kind of make me worried that I’ve written nothing worth reading this year, and then I remember what’s in the hopper for October! I am so nerdishly excited for you guys to read that.