Also, About this Evening

If you think you might enjoy it, please come. No pressure. The money for the living room is raised so don’t think it’s going to be like some Jerry Lewis telethon where everyone weeps and passes the hat a million times. We are well on the way to “If we do these things ourselves and do without these things, we can get the den done.” Well, well, well on our way.

So, please, if you think the stories might be interesting, feel welcome. Even if you think you’re not going to know anyone there. First of all, you probably know the Butcher, because he knows everyone. If you don’t know him, you might as well get meeting him out of the way. Second, these are demonstrably some of the nicest, most generous people in town. Whoever you sit next to, they’re going to be awesome.

And I’m going to read some good stuff.

It’s cool if you can’t make it, too, but I just don’t want anyone to think “Oh, I’m really curious about that, but it sounds like it’s just going to be a bunch of her friends, so I’ll just sit this one out.”

Don’t just sit this on out! What if this is me at my peak? What if it’s all me writing romance novels from here on out? Or writing poetry in my own made up language? I’m saying, this may be as good as it gets!

Don’t miss out.

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