Migraine Hangover

Ugh, yesterday was a terrible migraine day. Today the pain is gone, but I’m feeling all sluggish and unclear. But I was busy writing this for Pith.

And I’m happy to report that East Side Story needs more copies of A City of Ghosts and that the Butcher agree with me that last night’s episode of True Blood was terrible and just a retread of last week.

6 thoughts on “Migraine Hangover

  1. more copies already … that is so very exciting
    Maybe you just need to get into the news in all manner of ways, not only as an author, to boost sales.

  2. Oh, and, if pregnancy during rape is such a “non-issue,” then why can’t they legislate the exception? What would that cost them?

  3. It costs them a lot because it would bring out into the sunlight all the truth about who they think can’t get raped, no matter how brutally, no matter if a pregnancy results. Prostitutes, their own wives, sluts of all sorts.

    Plus, if they ban abortions except in very narrow cases, who’s going to do them?

  4. Right. But we should make them say all that out loud.

    And, we are already in a state of crisis with regard to doctors trained, let alone willing, to perform abortions. That’s the trick about the difference between permit and provide. Outright banning is what will change things – but back to a place where people were willing to do them, just not trained to do them. If the medical community sees the knowledge as necessary to, on rare occasion, save a woman’s life, maybe they’ll teach it.

    But ugh, I sound like I am defending limits on abortion. I do not hold that position at all. I just want to more actively out these men as misogynists so more are moved in defense of women. I’m all for pointing out that their science is appalling. I just wanted to make one more argument also about their own logic.

  5. That’s wonderful that they need more copies!

    And, um, yeah, with the True Blood. The only saving grace had to do with certain shirts coming off. I actually like the books pretty well, and this season is just one big WTF – like the Elder fairy spouting some business about how “there’s a reason” Sookie is attracted to vampires. Uh, yeah, lady, it has to do with her telepathy, and that’s already well established – please don’t drop more nonsense on me.

    But hey, Ke$sha, yes or no?!

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