Craig Havighurst Clarifies Things

Oh, people, this is a great post in general about our friend, Hank Jr. but I want to say that it hadn’t occurred to me that we’re watching a man on a four-year bender being an angry drunk while his fans cheer him on, but once Havighurst said it, it seems obvious.

And now this is the part that bothers me most. I mean, frankly, Hank’s just embarrassing himself and lying to his fans. Fine. But isn’t there a way where we’re almost at the GG Allin point here? Where folks are showing up solely to watch a dude self-destruct as a form of rebellion? To see who he’ll try to take down with him? To see if he’ll die?

That part breaks my heart.

5 thoughts on “Craig Havighurst Clarifies Things

  1. I’m not sure that Havighurst is suggesting that Hank Jr. is on a four-year bender, or is in the process of self-destructing. I think he’s more suggesting that Hank Jr. is being a public jerk and is driving away fans and sponsors. I doubt that he needs alcohol to act like that. But I know I walked out of one of his shows when he started being all hateful about politics, and I haven’t heard anything about his behavior since then that would draw me back.

  2. Well, I think Havighurst is suggesting a metaphorical bender–Jr. playing the angry drunk.

    I’m happy to believe that it’s not just a metaphor.

    Either way, I think it’s obvious the audience, even if they’re on Jr.’s side, no longer has his best interest at heart. That seems to me to be a dangerous psychological place for an artist.

  3. People with the head injuries Hank Jr. suffered often are not nice. They cannot help it. I watched a man who was kind turn into a jerk who was always angry and made sexual remarks that were just plain crude. He, like Hank Jr., had half his face ripped off and suffered head injuries.

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