It came up in another thread, so let me just address it. There are things that burn me. Fucking up burns me. Being unrecognized for something I’ve done burns me. Having someone else take credit for something I’ve done burns me. People with power over me who refuse to recognize me as a human being burns me. People without a basic grasp of civics being politicians burns me.

Being mistaken for or accused of being someone with a cognitive disability has no sting. It’s a trait. Like being left handed or incredibly tall or incredibly short. It impacts your life some, obviously, if that’s a trait you have, but it says nothing about your value as a person. It is as insulting to me as someone mistaking me for being Russian.

But if that’s a word you’d use, it says a lot about you. It says, in fact, that you’re the kind of douchebag who’d use a hurtful slur against someone with a cognitive disability because it’s fun for you to hurt them.

And that’s really fucked up.

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