Salt and Pepper Shakers

The thing I found most affecting about the new Patsy Cline exhibit down at the Hall of Fame is that they have a small collection of her salt and pepper shakers. I believe, if you have a grandma of this era, you would recognize such items. And that’s, I think, what made it so powerful. There’s a lot in the exhibit that is kind of about her career in her own words (and that’s really cool, too), but it’s the salt and pepper shakers that really just got me in the gut.

These people, some of whom are standing in this room, lost their mom and grandma.

It’ll break your heart, really, that sense of the missing grandma. There’s something immortal about Patsy Cline, the star. Ooo, there’s her dress and there’s her handwritten letter! But the salt and pepper shakers just don’t let you forget that there was a woman who should have sat at the end of the kitchen table laughing and listening to little girls’ gossip, who should have gotten to know if they would call her Grandma or Granny or whatever.


And there was Harold Bradley! So, that was nice.