Let’s Raise a Toast to Sherry Jones

First, Joe Carr shoots off his mouth:

Carr would explain later on that he agreed with Akin that women did indeed possess certain biological means to close themselves off against pregnancy in cases of violent rape. He further thought that Republicans had no business telling a bona fide Republican primary winner what to do.

Then Sherry Jones calls a rat’s ass a rat’s ass:

Rep. Joe Carr has shown today what many of the women in the General Assembly have known for a long time—he is completely and totally unfit for office. Claiming that women’s bodies possess the ability to “close themselves off” from pregnancy in cases of violent rape is not only biologically inaccurate, it is offensive to each and every Tennessee woman who has ever been the victim of rape. Tennessee Republicans are continuing their march to the extreme ideological right at the expense of our mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. It’s time for Rep. Joe Carr to apologize for his ignorant remark and for the Tennessee Republicans to end the war on women.

And then Carr tried to weasel out of the mess:

State Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, denied telling a reporter that he agreed with U.S. Rep. Todd Akin’s theory that victims of “legitimate rape” seldom carry pregnancies to term, but he stood by his position that the Akin should not be pressured to leave the Missouri Senate race.

The Memphis Flyer reported this morning that Carr told its correspondent to the Republican National Convention that he believes pregnancies terminate automatically after a rape, a medical fiction sometimes advanced by opponents of abortion. The remark — which the Flyer summarized and did not quote directly — came after a lunchtime speech by GOP strategist Frank Luntz in which Luntz asked members of the Tennessee delegation to demonstrate by show of hands whether they agree Akin should step aside.

See that “telling a reporter” nonsense? Baker doesn’t say that Carr told him that he agreed with Aiken, just that he said it later. So, in actuality, Carr doesn’t deny saying it, just denies saying it to Baker.

So weaselly. So hilariously weaselly.

Anyway, Sherry Jones. I want to high-five her. I wish I could vote for her.

A Light in August

There’s this way, when the sky is just the right kind of overcast in the morning, that the flowers in the back yard have this almost translucent glow. Today, with the early hints of Isaac hanging above, I saw the morning glories in all their vibrant blue glory. Some of them are working their way up the black-eyed susans, which, you know, is not a gardening victory of any real sort, but I love how the blue and yellow look against each other. I love how the blue of the morning glory is actually, if you look closely, three blues. I think the shape of the morning glory is just about perfect–part trumpet, part fairy hat, part flamenco dress.

So, I stopped my car and ran out to get a picture of this.

And now I think, the actual interesting bit of information I could share with you is in the green dagger of the morning glory’s leaves. See how vibrant that is? When I’m getting a migraine, that is how all greens look. Like better than real life.

Divorcing Your Parents

I was telling the Butcher about Tom Smith and he was like “Oh, the guy who thinks getting pregnant from a rape is just as bad as getting pregnant out of wedlock?”

“Yeah, that dude.”

“You know, I was thinking about how much it must suck to be his daughter.”

“I know, right? Imagine discovering that a person who might someday be called on to make medical decisions for you–like if you’re in a car accident or something–can’t tell the difference between you having sex because you want to and when you’re raped, because both are embarrassing to him.”

“Can she divorce him?”

And you know, I don’t think there’s a legal mechanism to sever familial bonds like that. But then I was thinking about how some gay families still face instances where, even though they’ve tried to set up all these legal contracts that would force the world to treat them like they’re married in places they legally can’t be, some douchebag family member will still swoop in and try to claim the ability to make medical decisions or to inherit instead of the loved on.

It might be a useful legal mechanism to be able to say “No, these people have no ability to make decisions on my behalf. They cannot inherit from me.”

And then, on MSNBC, a commentator named Krystal Ball began to speak and the second her name appeared on our screen, the Butcher said, “See? There’s another person who needs parental divorce.”